What we are all about

Render Help

PH – Provide help to another participants that needs help, and you too can receive help from other participants after 4 days. You can provide help from 100ghc to 4000ghc.

Recommitment for sustainability

At swiftpayer, for stability and sustainability, we have a 20% deduction from your GH which will serve as part payment of your new PH into the system. This is automatically done during the process of your GH. We use this to make sure that PHs are more than GHs in the system.

Receive help

You get help from other participants who are willing to provide help. You get a help in 60% return of what you provided within 4 days


Fair system

Going by our plans, We present to you a fair system that can never lack PH. get started to see

Effective handling

Our instant donation pool is to handle only default in payments. get 60% on IDP in 4 days. easy and straight.

Zero risk

We are here to say no more risk and no more loss in peer to peer donation. Together we can progress.

Short of finance?

We present a system that makes you to earn everyday even before you provide your help and also a system that will never lack PH.

Made with Love

Swiftpayer represents a community where individuals can offer financial help and in return get assisted financially 60% higher than what they provided.

Reffferal Earning

Referral earning is 10% for the dilligent members and registration is absolutely free.

We are determined to be Ghana's leading P2P Organization. We can only achieve it with your support. We love to talk business.

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